Paris Hilton in Cannes


Zoe gets the goss from Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton: "I'm thinking of something clever."

Bless Paris, she really is cleverer than what you’d expect. She arrived at the Cannes Film Festival on Weds 13 May and this photo was taking on Friday 22 May. She’d been partying every night and sources tell me she was sometimes getting paid for it. One figure I heard on good authority was £40,000!!

Now THAT’s impressive – making serious money for herself. It sounds like an cushy job but it’s not  that easy looking that hot and being patient with fans after ten days of not going to bed before 6am. 

Stop giving Paris Hilton a hard time! She may have had a priviliged  upbrining but she’s a million times cooler than other people I know that sit on their behinds and count their inheritance.

My girl told me she’s off to Dubai to film another series of her successful reality TV search to find a best friend. I’d do it in a flash. Paris – love ya!

(I do have a real-life best friend in PR guru Firgas Esack but she likes Paris too so we could be a trio)


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