BBC comedian Mat Horne on the London Underground




Thanks to my party pal Firgas who has just been on a crowded Piccadilly line tube train with Mat Horne and tells me he is either very tolerant or is resorting to the direct marketing route of selling his Gavin and Stacey dvd.

Now the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey is reasonably funny, so quite a lot of people would buy it anyway, but bless Mat for spending time with his fans on the tube.

He got on at Earl’s Court way down West and got off at Caledonian Road up North – that’s a long trip. Although he was wearing his shades – natch – he got spotted a couple of minutes into the journey. At this point everyone pulled out their camera phones to get photos with ‘Gavin’ off the telly. This went on for the whole journey, with a group of rugby louts finding it funny to shout ‘Where’s Stacey?’ every two minutes.

Goodness knows why the TV star didn’t jump off and get a cab -surely he must have earned enough from presenting the Brit Awards this year? But he stayed on for the whole ride. The piece de resistance came at Caledonian Road, where  sunglass-clad Mat stood in the doors of the carriage, waved and said: “Love you guys. Buy the DVD.”

Whatever next – Brad Pitt on the tube telling people to watch Inglorious Basterds? (I wish!!)

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2 Responses to “BBC comedian Mat Horne on the London Underground”

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