What’s Important? DJ Sam Young and the Kasabian feud

I have been inspired to start a new page / element to my site as I am sick of BLAND, BORING interviews.
in What’s Important, I am going to ask celebs five questions that are all interesting.
I won’t ask: “tell me about your inspiration”, or “how did it feel to play that character in a film” or “how did you get on with the film director / music act you worked with?”
These all call out for BORING answers and I don’t do boring.
I’ll plug the celebs’ products at the end of the interview, but I expect them to get some dirt out of the five questions I put to them.
I’m starting it tonight when I meet DJ Sam Young, founder of Nod Factor records, at the London Bar and Club Awards.
He had a fight with Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian last week and I am going to ask why.



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One Response to “What’s Important? DJ Sam Young and the Kasabian feud”

  1. Zoe’s interviewing Sam Young tonight « Says:

    […] Looks like Sam is in for a bit of a grilling! See Zoe’s blog entry here […]

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