Cabbies Comments

If there was a cabbie by my side right now I bet he’d give me a clip round the ear and tell me to get out and about and get gossip and blog.

BUT I have been commissioned to write a 1,000 word piece for the Mail on Sunday travel supplement by tomorrow. 

AND I didn’t like the look of any of the parties that were on in London tonight. There was some fashion party due to be attended by the famous parents, stupid name brigade like Natt Weller, Coco Sumner and Talia and Lola Lennox. And some party for the launch of a new laptop case made by Vodafone. (Yawn!)

I’m a girl with standards – I only cover the coolest events. I’m out tomorrow so there will be a cabbie comment then as well as a round up of who did what with whom while wearing something fabulous.

And you can read my piece in the Mail On Sunday very soon


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