Cabbies Comments

Confession: Cabibies Comments did not work out as planned.

I’ll tell it to you straight – my camera malfunctioned (or I malfunctioned late at night after a full day of blogging).

I wanted to get my cabbie on camera and I didn’t.

What’s even worse is that he had a great take on the world.

John from Lewisham told me:

(1) I shouldn’t bother writing about Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff because Strictly Come Dancing is for old people. If I want he will drive me to Wembley so I could write about Girls Aloud because they are fit. (I almost took him up on the offer but it was gone midnight and I thought the gig would be over)

(2) Girls Aloud would look even fitter if they put on weight. (I totally agree)

(3) The coolest person he’s driven is original IT girl / party girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson, whom he took to a spy  equipment shop in Portman Square in Mayfair. He swears this is not a lie. What a random fact to end the night!

Bill from Riverbank Plaza to my house – £9.60. I gave him £10. Worth EVERY PENNY


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