Muesli Musings 3

I read the papers over my morning muesli and learned Lily Allen is going to be in Australian TV soap Neighbours.

Firstly I was jealous as I have watched that show since I was at primary school. Ask me any question and I know I can answer it.

Secondly, I started thinking about what I’ve loved about Neighbours over the years. Scott and Charlene’s wedding was a classic (that happened when I was 7 years old and it was all I talked about at school all week). It was funny when Harold Bishop got lost, leaving his glasses on a cliff and then re-appeared a few years later. The coolest lady ever was the amazing Mrs Mangle, who is the Aussie version of Eastenders’Dot Cotton, but what I like most of all about the show now is the theme tune ‘Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbooooours’. It reminds me of my childhood when I had just finished my tea and I was allowed half an hour of homework before bed.

So given that Neighbours has been going so long, how much money must the person who wrote it made in royalties? I know it’s changed a bit over time, but it’s essentially the same. I’m jealous again.

Tip of the day – don’t think about other people doing well. It’s too depressing.


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