Muesli Musings 5

The news as I ate my muesli this morning was all about Britain’s Got Talent loser Susan Boyle AGAIN. Now she’s not a pleasant thing to think about early in the morning so I tried to fill my mind with thoughts of happy things like sunny days and gardening. (I worked on my little garden at the weekend and now it looks fabulous)
But then the TV started blaring out the latest about Susan Boyle another time and it got me thinking about the book and film version of SuBo’s life. Now the book and film can’t be a traditional fairytale detailing her journey from ‘Never been kissed’ obscurity to worldwide fame and domination because she didn’t win. But they would both be more dramatic – and maybe sell a few more copies – if she had an added drama in her life like going to rehab for exhaustion.
How convenient.
Next I predict Susan Boyle will face prison or a police investigation for some kind of fraud she committed while on benefits in Scotland. Just for a bit more drama.
I hope she makes a lot of money out of it, because she’s being manipulated by someone.
Tip of the day – never appear on a reality TV show.
(Plus if you’ve had a busy week, then nothing beats gardening. If you haven’t got a garden then a bouquet of flowers brings a little happiness)


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