Muesli Musings 6

Lollipop men and women still exist! It’s sweet in a way, but what is the point of them?

I saw a lollipop lady this morning as I went swimming before muesli this morning. (Needed a bit of fat-burning because my dress for tonight’s Glamour Woman of The Year awards is TIGHT).

My point is the lollipop lady was standing by some traffic lights. Her job was to press the button and walk kids and their parents across. Less than 50 metres from the traffic lights was a zebra crossing. Surely this makes the lollipop lady redundant? 

When the education system is in crisis and the government can’t afford decent teachers or healthy school dinners, why are they paying salaries to lollipop people? It’s not much, but it does add up.

Let’s get into the 21st century and replace lollipop ladies with more teachers or better school equipment.

Tip of the Day – If you’re going to wear a tight dress then you have to wear BIG pants, especially like me if you’ve indulged at too many parties recently


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