Boobie talk with Katy Perry:


Katy is flawless

A hint of cleavage...

I have to be blunt – there’s two things that you first notice about Katy Perry. Her breasts.

So that’s what we talked about at The Glamour Woman of The Year Awards.

Much respect to Katy as unlike Lily Allen and Sienna Miller in previous years she was completely sober. And she was soooo down-to-earth sharing gems like:

* “My boobs may look great now but that’s because I am 24. Ask me in ten years time and I’ll probably need to strap them up to keep them from drooping to my middle.” (Hope not, Katy!)

* “I should be grateful with what I have got but I do have one problem – I can never fit into nice dresses. I’m a size 8-10 but then I try and put my boobs in and I find the dress won’t do up. I’m a zip breaker.” (And a heartbreaker, I bet)

* “Sometimes they hurt when I run on stage because my shows are very active and I’m bouncing around.” (What a girl – sacrificing her pain for a million men’s pleasure)

I like Katy so much that I’ll plug her new product – cherry chap stick (taken from the lyrics of her I Kissed a Girl song). We all got one of these in the goody bags, but you can buy them in Boots and Superdrug.


Katy Perry lip gloss (cherry)

Katy Perry lip gloss (cherry)


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