Muesli Musings 8

Got up late this morning and had muesli watching Jeremy Kyle. Lasted five minutes before I turned it off otherwise I would have thrown the muesli at the idiots on the TV.

Now I can’t decide what’s worse – Britain’s Got Talent or Jeremy Kyle. Both formats manipulate stupid people and the people that go on it get nothing out of the show except maybe a nervous breakdown at the end.

So I had a bit more muesli and thought maybe Jeremy Kyle is worse because the people that are watching it have time on their hands on a weekday. That time would be better used for work / doing something life improving. It’s fine to chill watching BGT at the weekend after a hard week at work but it feels wrong to sit there watching weirdos in the morning.

If I were ITV controller, I’d scrap Jeremy and replace it with something that teaches something – a show about books or art or film. 

Surely TV can be entertaining without making fun out of people?

Tip of the day – don’t watch Jeremy Kyle while eating.


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