Liam Gallagher admits ‘robbing’


Naughty boy

Naughty boy



Oasis’s Liam Gallagher makes me laugh almost as much as Mat Horne with his methods of publicity for new clothing range Pretty Green.

Liam – who is rocking Heaton Park in Manchester as I type – was asked about the first time he ever wore a Parka (coat) and said it was a YSL one that his auntie took from lost property in the sports centre that she worked in.

So technically he was the receiver of what he calls ‘robbed’ goods, not the thief but even so its not the best advert for your clothing range Pretty Green that you’re trying to get people to BUY. 

Check out for the full video interview. Some of the t-shirts look ok.


Lindsay Lohan is laughing…all the way to the bank





Lilo is in London and that means one thing – nightclubs go crazy trying to get her in.

It’s not unusual for clubs to offer five figure sums to get celebs like Lindsay in. I remember covering her last trip to London for The Sunday Mirror when Dolce nightclub paid her in the region of £20,000 to ‘party’ there.

Except she is a recovering alcoholic so she refused alcohol and didn’t dance so I don’t call that a party.

Anyway, she’s just been to Crystal in the West End  – turned up, sat there and left. BORING!

What do the clubs get out of it? They’re surely not going to get that much extra business by advertising Lindsay Lohan as a special guest. Guys don’t care any more as she’s made it clear she’s a lesbian.

How much longer can she keep the grin on her face and afford to stay at five star hotels like London’s Claridges before doing a HALF-DECENT tv / film role?

Get back to the day job girl! And get a sandwich on the way – Lindsay’s legs looked way too matchstick like tonight.

She’s beginning to look like a human lollipop (massive head, skinny body) and you know what I think about lollipops….

Fabulous Fashion: leggins


Zebra Zoe

Zebra Zoe

This is my outfit for the Raw bands night at Karaoke Box in Smithfield. It’s all about leggins.

I saw a girl wearing similar trousers last week and asked where she got them. They were exactly like mine and they were £60 from American Apparel.

But I found these at one of the market stalls on East London’s Brick Lane – £10. 

Brick Lane is the way forward. Fashion fixes for next to no money. If you like American Apparel but have no cash then go to Brick Lane!

(NOTE – I am aware about the bra malfunction. As I saved money on the leggins, I am getting to Agent Provocateur sharpish)

Mischief at Glamour Awards

The naughtiest person all night was Ronnie Wood’s soon to be ex-wife Jo!

That lady knows how to party.

She one of the last to leave – out-partying Glamour’s main guest Kylie Minogue (who left at 1030) by  about 3 hours. Jo was swathed in a vintage red sequin dress (sequins are the way forward) and it looked amazing as she shimmied on the dancefloor ALL night, singing her heart out to her fave tunes. Well, actually just most of the tunes. ALL night.

The only time she wasn’t on the dancefloor, she was the life and soul of the smokers area. She must have got through a few ciggies as she ran out and marched up to my party pal Firgas and said: “Do you have a cigarette? I am so desperate. We can go thirds on it because my friend wants some too. Say you have one, I need one?”

Firgas doesn’t actually smoke but managed to find a fag from someone else and Jo literally grabbed it out of her hand. 

Rock and Roll. I’d probably rather be like Jo than Kylie…

Boobie talk with Katy Perry:


Katy is flawless

A hint of cleavage...

I have to be blunt – there’s two things that you first notice about Katy Perry. Her breasts.

So that’s what we talked about at The Glamour Woman of The Year Awards.

Much respect to Katy as unlike Lily Allen and Sienna Miller in previous years she was completely sober. And she was soooo down-to-earth sharing gems like:

* “My boobs may look great now but that’s because I am 24. Ask me in ten years time and I’ll probably need to strap them up to keep them from drooping to my middle.” (Hope not, Katy!)

* “I should be grateful with what I have got but I do have one problem – I can never fit into nice dresses. I’m a size 8-10 but then I try and put my boobs in and I find the dress won’t do up. I’m a zip breaker.” (And a heartbreaker, I bet)

* “Sometimes they hurt when I run on stage because my shows are very active and I’m bouncing around.” (What a girl – sacrificing her pain for a million men’s pleasure)

I like Katy so much that I’ll plug her new product – cherry chap stick (taken from the lyrics of her I Kissed a Girl song). We all got one of these in the goody bags, but you can buy them in Boots and Superdrug.


Katy Perry lip gloss (cherry)

Katy Perry lip gloss (cherry)

Fabulous Fashion at Glamour Awards


Hot and proud!

Trying to do a Posh pout

I found this amazing black and gold sequinned dress when I was in Cannes. I was walking to an internet cafe because my laptop was out of battery and I didn’t have a foreign plug (tres unglamorous). This dress was in a tiny, tatty shop by the train station on a mannequin in the window. The shop was so cheap that the mannequin didn’t even have a head.

It cost 20 Euros and I accessorised it at The Glamour Woman of The Year Awards with a Giles Deacon cuff (free in a goody bag) and a necklace from M& S (probably about £9.99).

I know most people are not going to go to Cannes to get a dress like it, but my point is always go in to the cheap shops because you never know what gems you will stumble across and you can guarantee nobody else will be in the same thing.

That’s fabulous fashion!

Muesli Musings 6

Lollipop men and women still exist! It’s sweet in a way, but what is the point of them?

I saw a lollipop lady this morning as I went swimming before muesli this morning. (Needed a bit of fat-burning because my dress for tonight’s Glamour Woman of The Year awards is TIGHT).

My point is the lollipop lady was standing by some traffic lights. Her job was to press the button and walk kids and their parents across. Less than 50 metres from the traffic lights was a zebra crossing. Surely this makes the lollipop lady redundant? 

When the education system is in crisis and the government can’t afford decent teachers or healthy school dinners, why are they paying salaries to lollipop people? It’s not much, but it does add up.

Let’s get into the 21st century and replace lollipop ladies with more teachers or better school equipment.

Tip of the Day – If you’re going to wear a tight dress then you have to wear BIG pants, especially like me if you’ve indulged at too many parties recently