Lily Allen – hello?

Lily Allen sent me a message saying my site was cool but I haven’t heard back from her since.

Come on Lily, if you think I am cool then get involved? Or accept my request on Blackberry Messenger?





Mischief at Glamour Awards

The naughtiest person all night was Ronnie Wood’s soon to be ex-wife Jo!

That lady knows how to party.

She one of the last to leave – out-partying Glamour’s main guest Kylie Minogue (who left at 1030) by  about 3 hours. Jo was swathed in a vintage red sequin dress (sequins are the way forward) and it looked amazing as she shimmied on the dancefloor ALL night, singing her heart out to her fave tunes. Well, actually just most of the tunes. ALL night.

The only time she wasn’t on the dancefloor, she was the life and soul of the smokers area. She must have got through a few ciggies as she ran out and marched up to my party pal Firgas and said: “Do you have a cigarette? I am so desperate. We can go thirds on it because my friend wants some too. Say you have one, I need one?”

Firgas doesn’t actually smoke but managed to find a fag from someone else and Jo literally grabbed it out of her hand. 

Rock and Roll. I’d probably rather be like Jo than Kylie…

Who’s naughtier – Britney Spears, Lily Allen or Sienna Miller?

Who is going to cause the drama at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards tomorrow – will it be Britney Spears? Or one of Girls Aloud? Who do you think is the naughtiest celeb? Email me and I will post all comments.

 Last year, it was Lily Allen who got so drunk she had to be carried out of the venue. She couldn’t even hide her dishevelled state because she had pink hair at the time.

NOT innocent

NOT innocent

The year before that Sienna Miller had been drinking a bit too much and could barely string a sentence together when I caught up with her after dinner.


Sienna clearly celebrated with lots of alcohol

Sienna celebrated with alcohol

I love mischief – BRING IT ON!!!

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