The Saturdays sex up Oxford!! Tour photos


The full line-up

The full line-up

These are exclusive photos from The Saturday’s UK tour. Looks like these girls not only have long legs but a long future ahead of them.

But as always there’s been an injury – poor  Vanessa White had her foot strapped up.






Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. Move over Girls Aloud – the Saturdays have energy! This is only the first day of their tour, so it can only get better, (and hope Vanessa’s foot does too).


Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)

Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)


Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Una Healy - big belt, big biceps!

Una Healy - big belt and big biceps


Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Sat

Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Saturday

Photos by Rowen Lawrence


Bureau party is rocking – move over Lohan!

Gary Berman at Bureau

This DJ Gary Berman, helping Glam and Fab spin the tunes all night.

Atmospheric lighting, great music, people dancing and it’s not yet 11pm.

Lindsay Lohan’s party at Baroque hasn’t even started – loser!

Britney Spears – the party hasn’t started (yet)

It was Britney Spears’s first night in London at the 02 but she’s been strangely well behaved. Straight back to the Mandarin Oriental hotel after her gig. 

She’s playing the good girl game so well I can’t even find much to write about. However, she’s in London for two weeks and  I have photographers watching and waiting until she PARTIES. And I’m gonna be there.

 Watch this space!!!

Just one more Karaoke Box pic – Mat Horne

Ok, I know I have blogged a lot about Karaoke Box and Mat Horne but this one is fashion related.

It seems like the band have agreed on their outfits in advance. It’s good to have a look / image so people remember you….

But  rolled up trousers is not very Rock Band is it? (Photo below)

And now that’s it about Mat unless he makes me laugh again (intentionally or unintentionally)


Roll-up, roll-up!

Roll-up, roll-up!

BBC Gavin and Stacey star Mat Horne – karaoke gossip

Some people think James Corden is the funniest out of the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey duo but I think Mat Horne is funnier – even when he doesn’t mean to be! (I can’t forget that story about how he tried to flog his dvd to a carriage of London Underground commuters).


Funny, no matter what

Funny, no matter what



Last night, Mat was at the launch of  EA‘s new Rock Band XBox360 game at Karaoke Box in Smithfield in a private room with lots of his mates. One of the parts of the night was getting out of the room and doing a song on the main stage against other ‘bands’. The best band would win an Xbox 360.

I laughed because Mat wasn’t that great (even though he thought he was) and because he called his band Black Pudding.

But the winners did have an advantage – Remi Nicole was in it and she is a professional singer and has sung with Amy Winehouse. FIX?

Shout out to Lily Allen

Lily Allen – do you like my website?

I got a message from lilyroseallen yesterday saying she’d seen my site and I was cool.

I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic or not, but being a pleasant person I try to see the best in people.

I tried to add Lily on my Blackberry Messenger but she hasn’t accepted me yet.

Let’s not start off as enemies. Add me and we can be friends, or at least cyber-friends?

Lily’s twitter is one of the most addictive out there. I think she’s quite cool.

Karaoke Box – TONIGHT

A lot of fun can be had at Karaoke Box. Even the owners have fun as I witnessed last night when I popped down to the Smithfield branch for the launch of  the new Rock Band game for X Box 360.


Leading by example at K-box

Leading by example at K-box

The rooms had been changed so each had guitar and drums as well as the normal microphones. I got on the guitar and the drums, but I wasn’t that amazing so I let the owners show me what to do. One’s on the mic, one’s on the drums – how cool are they?

That’s why I am going back to Karaoke Box in Smithfield tonight for more fun. I’m introducing the Live Bands at the RAW night and the good news is that you can still get tickets on the door from 7pm