Bureau party is rocking – move over Lohan!

Gary Berman at Bureau

This DJ Gary Berman, helping Glam and Fab spin the tunes all night.

Atmospheric lighting, great music, people dancing and it’s not yet 11pm.

Lindsay Lohan’s party at Baroque hasn’t even started – loser!


Lindsay Lohan is laughing…all the way to the bank





Lilo is in London and that means one thing – nightclubs go crazy trying to get her in.

It’s not unusual for clubs to offer five figure sums to get celebs like Lindsay in. I remember covering her last trip to London for The Sunday Mirror when Dolce nightclub paid her in the region of £20,000 to ‘party’ there.

Except she is a recovering alcoholic so she refused alcohol and didn’t dance so I don’t call that a party.

Anyway, she’s just been to Crystal in the West End  – turned up, sat there and left. BORING!

What do the clubs get out of it? They’re surely not going to get that much extra business by advertising Lindsay Lohan as a special guest. Guys don’t care any more as she’s made it clear she’s a lesbian.

How much longer can she keep the grin on her face and afford to stay at five star hotels like London’s Claridges before doing a HALF-DECENT tv / film role?

Get back to the day job girl! And get a sandwich on the way – Lindsay’s legs looked way too matchstick like tonight.

She’s beginning to look like a human lollipop (massive head, skinny body) and you know what I think about lollipops….

Freaky things – Victoria Beckham has maybe used this

Sketch is a restaurant and bar in Mayfair, visited by celebities including David and Victoria Beckham, the Pussycat Dolls, Wayne and Colleen Rooney and Jordan and Peter Andre.

These are the toilets – each cubicle is it’s own little egg. I was there last night for a showcase of the coolest and newest Sony Ericsson phones.  Shows I always get celebrity dirt….


The best loo ever?

The best loo ever?

Fabulous Fashion: Me and Matthew Williamson

I need help with handbags – gorgeous things designed by Matthew Williamson

As you can see, both of these bags are fabulous so I need advice. Email me at zoe@zoegriffin.co.uk telling me if you think I should go for the clutch or the regular size? I will get one of them.

The girl in the back of the video is wearing a shift dress designed by Matthew and Girls Alouds’ Nicola Roberts is a fan, sending her boyfriend in to pick up some dresses tonight. That all goes to show Matthew is still officially cool. Plus he booked a room at the exclusive Fifty members club and casino to showcase his collection. I like his taste in venues as well as dresses.

Cabbies Comments

If there was a cabbie by my side right now I bet he’d give me a clip round the ear and tell me to get out and about and get gossip and blog.

BUT I have been commissioned to write a 1,000 word piece for the Mail on Sunday travel supplement by tomorrow. 

AND I didn’t like the look of any of the parties that were on in London tonight. There was some fashion party due to be attended by the famous parents, stupid name brigade like Natt Weller, Coco Sumner and Talia and Lola Lennox. And some party for the launch of a new laptop case made by Vodafone. (Yawn!)

I’m a girl with standards – I only cover the coolest events. I’m out tomorrow so there will be a cabbie comment then as well as a round up of who did what with whom while wearing something fabulous.

And you can read my piece in the Mail On Sunday very soon

Jo Wood loves partying!

While Ronnie Wood is being BORING with his new girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova and rarely going out apart from to Tesco, Jo Wood is out painting the town red and I love her for it. 

Wanna know where the party queen’s favourite bar is in London?

One clue – it’s popular with the young royals like Prince William and Prince Harry

We talked cool party places at the London Bar and Club Awards at the posh Riverbank Plaza hotel

(Mahiki cocktail bar, Mayfair)
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What’s Important? DJ Sam Young and the Kasabian feud

I have been inspired to start a new page / element to my site as I am sick of BLAND, BORING interviews.
in What’s Important, I am going to ask celebs five questions that are all interesting.
I won’t ask: “tell me about your inspiration”, or “how did it feel to play that character in a film” or “how did you get on with the film director / music act you worked with?”
These all call out for BORING answers and I don’t do boring.
I’ll plug the celebs’ products at the end of the interview, but I expect them to get some dirt out of the five questions I put to them.
I’m starting it tonight when I meet DJ Sam Young, founder of Nod Factor records, at the London Bar and Club Awards.
He had a fight with Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian last week and I am going to ask why.



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