Lindsay Lohan vs me

Nightclub stand-off tonight – I’m DJing at Bureau on London’s Kingly Street (where all the cool people will be) while Lindsay Lohan is being paid to go to Baroque nightclub five minutes away.

Last night Lindsay’s partying turned disasterous when she was hit in the face by her own security guard when she left London’s Cuckoo Club.

That’s not to mention those fake tan photos. I don’t understand how stars that have as much money as Lindsay can’t afford a decent mirror to see that they need to apply fake tan right up to their hairline.


Like Arctic Monkeys? You’ll love this band

I have a duty to tell you about a new Arctic Monkeys sounding band that is so cool, they rocked my world tonight. 

They’re called Coppers for Karma (not sure why) and I saw and heard them at the Raw live bands event that I compered. 

I couldn’t stop jiggling around to them. It’s like pop and rock mixed together.

Hear some of their top tunes at:


Coppers for Karma

Coppers for Karma

Remi Nicole was a karaoke box star

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Britney Spears

The Britney Spears Circus is in town. Question is can she stay sane through the madness. And will she sing not mime?

I can’t wait to find out. Hit me baby one more time, the excitement ì’m feeling is TOXIC.

You can guarantee that I will be watching her every moment. She’s On My Radar.

My bet is she’ll be fabulous or it will be curtains down for her. What’s everyone else thinking? Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Katie Price shows Peter Andre what he’s missing- FABULOUS

Wow – look how Katie Price has sexed up since splitting from Peter Andre. This is a girl that wants to show her ex what he’s missing.

All credit to Katie- she rocked this look for over a minute and got a standing ovation at The Clothes Show Live fashion show.


I put on my first little black dress and pair of Jimmy Choos as a trainee celebrity reporter for The Daily Telegraph in 2003. Since then, I’ve been around a bit and had jobs at The Mail on Sunday, The londonpaper and The Sunday Mirror.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by lots of stars. Brad Pitt is taller than I expected and Angelina Jolie isn’t as pretty. (One day, I could be Mrs Pitt). Victoria Beckham does eat – I’ve seen her with chocolate cake. And Jennifer Lopez is way more down to earth than you’d think plus she showed great taste by commenting on my outfit and then buying a top by the same designer the following day. Copycat.

 However, showbiz land is not all fun and frolics. The VIP areas of parties are often way more boring than where the majority of people are hanging out. When that happens, I’m going to tell you about it.

Wanna know how celebrities are treated compared to the rest of us? Wanna know whose ego is so large it needs its own postcode? Keep reading!