Muesli Musings and Cabbies’ Comments

No matter how hungover I am, a bowl of museli normally brings me bouncing back to life. My brain starts working again as soon as  I put the first few juicy sultanas and oaty bites into my mouth. 

I always think of my best ideas first thing in the morning. Sometimes they are so genius they change my life forever. Other times, they’re a bit silly but they MIGHT work.

So every day I am going to start my postings with a Muesli Musing.

And I’m going to end them with a Cabbie Comment. That’s the common sense advice that cab drivers give me late at night when I’ve been partying for hours.

Yes, it’s indulgent to travel in taxis but they’re a lot cheaper than pyschotherapists.


2 Responses to “Muesli Musings and Cabbies’ Comments”

  1. Tom Browne Says:

    Not sure how i got on your blog, but it is fascinating. Also not sure what you DO for a living. You sure get around Zoe! You have a bio lurking around that a person can see?

  2. Muesli Musings 5 « Zoe Says:

    […] Muesli Musings and Cabbies’ Comments […]

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