Liam Gallagher admits ‘robbing’


Naughty boy

Naughty boy



Oasis’s Liam Gallagher makes me laugh almost as much as Mat Horne with his methods of publicity for new clothing range Pretty Green.

Liam – who is rocking Heaton Park in Manchester as I type – was asked about the first time he ever wore a Parka (coat) and said it was a YSL one that his auntie took from lost property in the sports centre that she worked in.

So technically he was the receiver of what he calls ‘robbed’ goods, not the thief but even so its not the best advert for your clothing range Pretty Green that you’re trying to get people to BUY. 

Check out for the full video interview. Some of the t-shirts look ok.


Ciara keeps Britney Spears on her toes

No wonder Britney Spears isn’t partying in London when her warm-up act Ciara can bust moves like she did at the o2 last night.

Britney must be staying in, eating healthy and doing some exercise so she can compete against Ci Ci

I’m quite flexible but my girl Ci takes it to another level. This picture makes my eyes water – looks painful


Ciara gets DOWN!!

Ciara gets DOWN!!

Lily Allen – hello?

Lily Allen sent me a message saying my site was cool but I haven’t heard back from her since.

Come on Lily, if you think I am cool then get involved? Or accept my request on Blackberry Messenger?




Muesli Musings 8

Got up late this morning and had muesli watching Jeremy Kyle. Lasted five minutes before I turned it off otherwise I would have thrown the muesli at the idiots on the TV.

Now I can’t decide what’s worse – Britain’s Got Talent or Jeremy Kyle. Both formats manipulate stupid people and the people that go on it get nothing out of the show except maybe a nervous breakdown at the end.

So I had a bit more muesli and thought maybe Jeremy Kyle is worse because the people that are watching it have time on their hands on a weekday. That time would be better used for work / doing something life improving. It’s fine to chill watching BGT at the weekend after a hard week at work but it feels wrong to sit there watching weirdos in the morning.

If I were ITV controller, I’d scrap Jeremy and replace it with something that teaches something – a show about books or art or film. 

Surely TV can be entertaining without making fun out of people?

Tip of the day – don’t watch Jeremy Kyle while eating.

Cabbies Comments – X Factor

I got another singing cab driver tonight…Well, this one wouldn’t actually sing but did have a good rant about how hard it was for band’s to get famous. I support that.

Then we talked X Factor and I realised he was speaking from personal experience. Normally taxi drivers give me advice, but as I was leaving the cab I told him to keep living the dream and NEVER EVER audition for a reality show again. 

Britney Spears – the party hasn’t started (yet)

It was Britney Spears’s first night in London at the 02 but she’s been strangely well behaved. Straight back to the Mandarin Oriental hotel after her gig. 

She’s playing the good girl game so well I can’t even find much to write about. However, she’s in London for two weeks and  I have photographers watching and waiting until she PARTIES. And I’m gonna be there.

 Watch this space!!!

Lindsay Lohan is laughing…all the way to the bank





Lilo is in London and that means one thing – nightclubs go crazy trying to get her in.

It’s not unusual for clubs to offer five figure sums to get celebs like Lindsay in. I remember covering her last trip to London for The Sunday Mirror when Dolce nightclub paid her in the region of £20,000 to ‘party’ there.

Except she is a recovering alcoholic so she refused alcohol and didn’t dance so I don’t call that a party.

Anyway, she’s just been to Crystal in the West End  – turned up, sat there and left. BORING!

What do the clubs get out of it? They’re surely not going to get that much extra business by advertising Lindsay Lohan as a special guest. Guys don’t care any more as she’s made it clear she’s a lesbian.

How much longer can she keep the grin on her face and afford to stay at five star hotels like London’s Claridges before doing a HALF-DECENT tv / film role?

Get back to the day job girl! And get a sandwich on the way – Lindsay’s legs looked way too matchstick like tonight.

She’s beginning to look like a human lollipop (massive head, skinny body) and you know what I think about lollipops….