Muesli Musings 9

I watched a breakfast TV interview with Sir Alan Sugar from BBC show The Apprentice and found him so sexist.

The way he was going on about having ‘two women’ in the final irritated me. Why should it matter if they are women if they can do the job?

And then I got irritated by the way he called finalist Kate Walsh a robot. Yes she may be unemotional but if it was a man being unemotional then he wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

I think Sir Alan is intimidated by Kate because she is pretty and intelligent while he is a dwarf with a beard and balding. For that reason she probably won’t win, which is a shame and not a good lesson for girls watching the show.

I can’t be bothered to tune into the final on Sunday now as it’s almsot certain Yasmina Siadatan will win.

Tip of the day -spend the hour that you would have spent watching The Apprentice doing something useful like gardening. It’s way more fun.


BBC Gavin and Stacey star Mat Horne – karaoke gossip

Some people think James Corden is the funniest out of the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey duo but I think Mat Horne is funnier – even when he doesn’t mean to be! (I can’t forget that story about how he tried to flog his dvd to a carriage of London Underground commuters).


Funny, no matter what

Funny, no matter what



Last night, Mat was at the launch of  EA‘s new Rock Band XBox360 game at Karaoke Box in Smithfield in a private room with lots of his mates. One of the parts of the night was getting out of the room and doing a song on the main stage against other ‘bands’. The best band would win an Xbox 360.

I laughed because Mat wasn’t that great (even though he thought he was) and because he called his band Black Pudding.

But the winners did have an advantage – Remi Nicole was in it and she is a professional singer and has sung with Amy Winehouse. FIX?

Muesli Musings 4 – Susan Boyle

My muesli pleasure was disturbed this morning by Susan Boyle. She’s in every tabloid, on BBC News and GMTV. It’s not a face you want to see over breakfast.
I can’t believe her performance has got more than one hundred million hits on youtube. Did the people watch the whole clip when they realised how ugly she was?
I really hope she doesn’t win because then we’ll have to see more of her.
And I also feel really sorry for her because this woman who has never been kissed is unlikely to find a genuine man now.
Britain’s Got Talent and X factor are exploitative.
Tip of the Day – DON’T vote for SuBo. I’m backing the gorgeous Flawless dance group

Cabbies Comments

Confession: Cabibies Comments did not work out as planned.

I’ll tell it to you straight – my camera malfunctioned (or I malfunctioned late at night after a full day of blogging).

I wanted to get my cabbie on camera and I didn’t.

What’s even worse is that he had a great take on the world.

John from Lewisham told me:

(1) I shouldn’t bother writing about Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff because Strictly Come Dancing is for old people. If I want he will drive me to Wembley so I could write about Girls Aloud because they are fit. (I almost took him up on the offer but it was gone midnight and I thought the gig would be over)

(2) Girls Aloud would look even fitter if they put on weight. (I totally agree)

(3) The coolest person he’s driven is original IT girl / party girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson, whom he took to a spy  equipment shop in Portman Square in Mayfair. He swears this is not a lie. What a random fact to end the night!

Bill from Riverbank Plaza to my house – £9.60. I gave him £10. Worth EVERY PENNY

Fabulous Fashion: Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff


What are they wearing?

What are they wearing?

Star of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing Kristina Rihanoff looked lovely in a black corset dress from the Anne O’Dowd boutique in London’s Marylebone. Doesn’t she fill the top half well?!

And doesn’t her hair look fabulous? The man that cut it is standing next to her – Stuart Phillips.

Stuart’s shirt is from Paul Smith. Hmmmmm
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BBC comedian Mat Horne on the London Underground




Thanks to my party pal Firgas who has just been on a crowded Piccadilly line tube train with Mat Horne and tells me he is either very tolerant or is resorting to the direct marketing route of selling his Gavin and Stacey dvd.

Now the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey is reasonably funny, so quite a lot of people would buy it anyway, but bless Mat for spending time with his fans on the tube.

He got on at Earl’s Court way down West and got off at Caledonian Road up North – that’s a long trip. Although he was wearing his shades – natch – he got spotted a couple of minutes into the journey. At this point everyone pulled out their camera phones to get photos with ‘Gavin’ off the telly. This went on for the whole journey, with a group of rugby louts finding it funny to shout ‘Where’s Stacey?’ every two minutes.

Goodness knows why the TV star didn’t jump off and get a cab -surely he must have earned enough from presenting the Brit Awards this year? But he stayed on for the whole ride. The piece de resistance came at Caledonian Road, where  sunglass-clad Mat stood in the doors of the carriage, waved and said: “Love you guys. Buy the DVD.”

Whatever next – Brad Pitt on the tube telling people to watch Inglorious Basterds? (I wish!!)

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Ricky Gervais

Things you should know about me: I’ll do anything to make life interesting and I never give up.

The background to this world-changing question about feet is that BBC Switch set me a challenge last year of asking as many celebrities as possible about how often they cut their toenails.

Due to some technical difficulties, my Ricky footage got deleted so I went back for more at the Night of The Museum 2 premiere.

While everyone else asked about The Office and his move to LA, I asked a rather more intimate question.

Good on Gervais for answering it, but I’m not sure his answer is that hygienic. I cut mine after my Sunday evening soak. EVERY week.