Cabbies Comments – another Jeremy Kyle encounter

I woke up listening to Jeremy Kyle and then my evening cab ride turned into a Jeremy Kyle episode – traumatic!

My cabbie started off my saying he prefers brunettes to blondes. I found out that was because his blonde wife left him for someone she found on Friends Reunited. Oh and his daughter dyed her fringe blonde, made him pay for it and it cost him £50 (quite random).

I had to stop filming as I was quite disturbed by the Friends Reunited story. Even more disturbing was that he went on to say he went to Thailand when his marriage ended and he had lots of naughtiness with Thai brunettes.  This is the first time I have ever had a cab driver that’s had more issues than me. 


Cabbies Comments – X Factor

I got another singing cab driver tonight…Well, this one wouldn’t actually sing but did have a good rant about how hard it was for band’s to get famous. I support that.

Then we talked X Factor and I realised he was speaking from personal experience. Normally taxi drivers give me advice, but as I was leaving the cab I told him to keep living the dream and NEVER EVER audition for a reality show again. 

Cabbies Comment

Party pal Firgas and I got a chivalrous cab driver, who is very good at singing Nickelback to take us from Glamour Woman of The Year Awards to Karaoke Box in London’s Smithfield.

Watch the whole clip for his singing – maybe I should start a cabbie’s chanting section…

It will cheer you up and it is cheaper than therapy