The Saturdays sex up Oxford!! Tour photos


The full line-up

The full line-up

These are exclusive photos from The Saturday’s UK tour. Looks like these girls not only have long legs but a long future ahead of them.

But as always there’s been an injury – poor  Vanessa White had her foot strapped up.






Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. Move over Girls Aloud – the Saturdays have energy! This is only the first day of their tour, so it can only get better, (and hope Vanessa’s foot does too).


Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)

Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)


Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Una Healy - big belt, big biceps!

Una Healy - big belt and big biceps


Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Sat

Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Saturday

Photos by Rowen Lawrence


Who’s naughtier – Britney Spears, Lily Allen or Sienna Miller?

Who is going to cause the drama at the Glamour Woman of the Year Awards tomorrow – will it be Britney Spears? Or one of Girls Aloud? Who do you think is the naughtiest celeb? Email me and I will post all comments.

 Last year, it was Lily Allen who got so drunk she had to be carried out of the venue. She couldn’t even hide her dishevelled state because she had pink hair at the time.

NOT innocent

NOT innocent

The year before that Sienna Miller had been drinking a bit too much and could barely string a sentence together when I caught up with her after dinner.


Sienna clearly celebrated with lots of alcohol

Sienna celebrated with alcohol

I love mischief – BRING IT ON!!!

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Fabulous Fashion: Me and Matthew Williamson

I need help with handbags – gorgeous things designed by Matthew Williamson

As you can see, both of these bags are fabulous so I need advice. Email me at telling me if you think I should go for the clutch or the regular size? I will get one of them.

The girl in the back of the video is wearing a shift dress designed by Matthew and Girls Alouds’ Nicola Roberts is a fan, sending her boyfriend in to pick up some dresses tonight. That all goes to show Matthew is still officially cool. Plus he booked a room at the exclusive Fifty members club and casino to showcase his collection. I like his taste in venues as well as dresses.

Cabbies Comments

Confession: Cabibies Comments did not work out as planned.

I’ll tell it to you straight – my camera malfunctioned (or I malfunctioned late at night after a full day of blogging).

I wanted to get my cabbie on camera and I didn’t.

What’s even worse is that he had a great take on the world.

John from Lewisham told me:

(1) I shouldn’t bother writing about Strictly Come Dancing’s Kristina Rihanoff because Strictly Come Dancing is for old people. If I want he will drive me to Wembley so I could write about Girls Aloud because they are fit. (I almost took him up on the offer but it was gone midnight and I thought the gig would be over)

(2) Girls Aloud would look even fitter if they put on weight. (I totally agree)

(3) The coolest person he’s driven is original IT girl / party girl Tara Palmer Tomkinson, whom he took to a spy  equipment shop in Portman Square in Mayfair. He swears this is not a lie. What a random fact to end the night!

Bill from Riverbank Plaza to my house – £9.60. I gave him £10. Worth EVERY PENNY