Lindsay Lohan vs me

Nightclub stand-off tonight – I’m DJing at Bureau on London’s Kingly Street (where all the cool people will be) while Lindsay Lohan is being paid to go to Baroque nightclub five minutes away.

Last night Lindsay’s partying turned disasterous when she was hit in the face by her own security guard when she left London’s Cuckoo Club.

That’s not to mention those fake tan photos. I don’t understand how stars that have as much money as Lindsay can’t afford a decent mirror to see that they need to apply fake tan right up to their hairline.


Samantha Ronson is not interesting

Earlier today I did a twitter asking whether I should go to a DJ session by the lady below – Sam Ronson. And guess what?


Do whatever - WE DON"T CARE!!

Sam's trying to be cool but WE DON'T CARE!!

The answer was a big NOOOOOO

Some comments:

megan: “She’s only famous because of her brother and Lindsay Lohan”

AmeliaKN: “Sam is disgusting. Why???”

And my favourite was Antoine, who wrote: “Normally I like lesbians but I wouldn’t pee on S if she was on fire.”

So, I didnt bother going to London’s Mahiki and doubt many people did. The only person I know that went was a journalist friend, whose editor ORDERED her to go. 


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