Muesli Musings 9

I watched a breakfast TV interview with Sir Alan Sugar from BBC show The Apprentice and found him so sexist.

The way he was going on about having ‘two women’ in the final irritated me. Why should it matter if they are women if they can do the job?

And then I got irritated by the way he called finalist Kate Walsh a robot. Yes she may be unemotional but if it was a man being unemotional then he wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

I think Sir Alan is intimidated by Kate because she is pretty and intelligent while he is a dwarf with a beard and balding. For that reason she probably won’t win, which is a shame and not a good lesson for girls watching the show.

I can’t be bothered to tune into the final on Sunday now as it’s almsot certain Yasmina Siadatan will win.

Tip of the day -spend the hour that you would have spent watching The Apprentice doing something useful like gardening. It’s way more fun.