The Saturdays sex up Oxford!! Tour photos


The full line-up

The full line-up

These are exclusive photos from The Saturday’s UK tour. Looks like these girls not only have long legs but a long future ahead of them.

But as always there’s been an injury – poor  Vanessa White had her foot strapped up.






Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. Move over Girls Aloud – the Saturdays have energy! This is only the first day of their tour, so it can only get better, (and hope Vanessa’s foot does too).


Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)

Rochelle Wiseman in control (pants)


Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Mollie King - gravity-defying cleavage

Una Healy - big belt, big biceps!

Una Healy - big belt and big biceps


Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Sat

Frankie Sandiford - simply cute. My fave Saturday

Photos by Rowen Lawrence


Bureau party is rocking – move over Lohan!

Gary Berman at Bureau

This DJ Gary Berman, helping Glam and Fab spin the tunes all night.

Atmospheric lighting, great music, people dancing and it’s not yet 11pm.

Lindsay Lohan’s party at Baroque hasn’t even started – loser!

Lindsay Lohan vs me

Nightclub stand-off tonight – I’m DJing at Bureau on London’s Kingly Street (where all the cool people will be) while Lindsay Lohan is being paid to go to Baroque nightclub five minutes away.

Last night Lindsay’s partying turned disasterous when she was hit in the face by her own security guard when she left London’s Cuckoo Club.

That’s not to mention those fake tan photos. I don’t understand how stars that have as much money as Lindsay can’t afford a decent mirror to see that they need to apply fake tan right up to their hairline.

Uma Thurman – will she ever marry Arpad Busson?


Happy being single?

Happy being single?

Gorgeous Kill Bill movie star Uma Thurman and her slightly dull financier fiance Arpad ‘Arki’ Busson got engaged in in June 2008 – a lifetime ago in the celeb world.

So are they ever going to actually walk down the aisle? I’m not convinced given what Uma says in a new interview.

Normally celebs announce a date as soon as they’ve exchanged the engagement rings and sign an exclusive deal with a magazine within minutes.

And in the new issue of Harpers Bazaar, which is on sale in the UK on Monday, Uma says: “When it comes to marriage, you just never know.”


Muesli Musings 9

I watched a breakfast TV interview with Sir Alan Sugar from BBC show The Apprentice and found him so sexist.

The way he was going on about having ‘two women’ in the final irritated me. Why should it matter if they are women if they can do the job?

And then I got irritated by the way he called finalist Kate Walsh a robot. Yes she may be unemotional but if it was a man being unemotional then he wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

I think Sir Alan is intimidated by Kate because she is pretty and intelligent while he is a dwarf with a beard and balding. For that reason she probably won’t win, which is a shame and not a good lesson for girls watching the show.

I can’t be bothered to tune into the final on Sunday now as it’s almsot certain Yasmina Siadatan will win.

Tip of the day -spend the hour that you would have spent watching The Apprentice doing something useful like gardening. It’s way more fun.

Liam Gallagher admits ‘robbing’


Naughty boy

Naughty boy



Oasis’s Liam Gallagher makes me laugh almost as much as Mat Horne with his methods of publicity for new clothing range Pretty Green.

Liam – who is rocking Heaton Park in Manchester as I type – was asked about the first time he ever wore a Parka (coat) and said it was a YSL one that his auntie took from lost property in the sports centre that she worked in.

So technically he was the receiver of what he calls ‘robbed’ goods, not the thief but even so its not the best advert for your clothing range Pretty Green that you’re trying to get people to BUY. 

Check out for the full video interview. Some of the t-shirts look ok.

Ciara keeps Britney Spears on her toes

No wonder Britney Spears isn’t partying in London when her warm-up act Ciara can bust moves like she did at the o2 last night.

Britney must be staying in, eating healthy and doing some exercise so she can compete against Ci Ci

I’m quite flexible but my girl Ci takes it to another level. This picture makes my eyes water – looks painful


Ciara gets DOWN!!

Ciara gets DOWN!!