Muesli Musings 10

I had to rush my muesli this morning because I am working on a very exciting technical change to this site. Should go live in a couple of hours – watch this space…

Just got time for a tip of the day, which is sometimes you have to sacrifice things to make other things happen. I sacrificed most of my weekend and my regular morning ponder so this site will soon look great. And I don’t regret it one bit.


Muesli Musings 9

I watched a breakfast TV interview with Sir Alan Sugar from BBC show The Apprentice and found him so sexist.

The way he was going on about having ‘two women’ in the final irritated me. Why should it matter if they are women if they can do the job?

And then I got irritated by the way he called finalist Kate Walsh a robot. Yes she may be unemotional but if it was a man being unemotional then he wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

I think Sir Alan is intimidated by Kate because she is pretty and intelligent while he is a dwarf with a beard and balding. For that reason she probably won’t win, which is a shame and not a good lesson for girls watching the show.

I can’t be bothered to tune into the final on Sunday now as it’s almsot certain Yasmina Siadatan will win.

Tip of the day -spend the hour that you would have spent watching The Apprentice doing something useful like gardening. It’s way more fun.

Cabbies Comments – another Jeremy Kyle encounter

I woke up listening to Jeremy Kyle and then my evening cab ride turned into a Jeremy Kyle episode – traumatic!

My cabbie started off my saying he prefers brunettes to blondes. I found out that was because his blonde wife left him for someone she found on Friends Reunited. Oh and his daughter dyed her fringe blonde, made him pay for it and it cost him £50 (quite random).

I had to stop filming as I was quite disturbed by the Friends Reunited story. Even more disturbing was that he went on to say he went to Thailand when his marriage ended and he had lots of naughtiness with Thai brunettes.  This is the first time I have ever had a cab driver that’s had more issues than me. 

Lily Allen – hello?

Lily Allen sent me a message saying my site was cool but I haven’t heard back from her since.

Come on Lily, if you think I am cool then get involved? Or accept my request on Blackberry Messenger?




Muesli Musings 8

Got up late this morning and had muesli watching Jeremy Kyle. Lasted five minutes before I turned it off otherwise I would have thrown the muesli at the idiots on the TV.

Now I can’t decide what’s worse – Britain’s Got Talent or Jeremy Kyle. Both formats manipulate stupid people and the people that go on it get nothing out of the show except maybe a nervous breakdown at the end.

So I had a bit more muesli and thought maybe Jeremy Kyle is worse because the people that are watching it have time on their hands on a weekday. That time would be better used for work / doing something life improving. It’s fine to chill watching BGT at the weekend after a hard week at work but it feels wrong to sit there watching weirdos in the morning.

If I were ITV controller, I’d scrap Jeremy and replace it with something that teaches something – a show about books or art or film. 

Surely TV can be entertaining without making fun out of people?

Tip of the day – don’t watch Jeremy Kyle while eating.

Shout out to Lily Allen

Lily Allen – do you like my website?

I got a message from lilyroseallen yesterday saying she’d seen my site and I was cool.

I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic or not, but being a pleasant person I try to see the best in people.

I tried to add Lily on my Blackberry Messenger but she hasn’t accepted me yet.

Let’s not start off as enemies. Add me and we can be friends, or at least cyber-friends?

Lily’s twitter is one of the most addictive out there. I think she’s quite cool.

Muesli Musings 7

It’s another job related musing today. While I don’t get lollipop ladies – despite a few anrgy emails from lollipop supporters – I do have the ultimate respect for people who work night shifts.

I went to bed at 5am this morning when the sun was up and the quality of sleep was not the same. They say if you get an hour before midnight it is worth two after and I completely agree. It’s all to do with the body’s rhythm as well as sunlight coming in through the windows. 

Now I don’t need much sleep – about 4 or 5 hours is fine. But I’ve worked out my optimum sleep time is 2am – 7am or 2am-8am (if I don’t go swimming / jogging). If I get to bed at 3ish, I can sleep well but as soon as the clock ticks towards 4, I feel awake again and almost ready for a new day.

Eventually I drifted off thanks to the help of two sleep masks (for some reason one was not enough to make it dark). That’s my tip of the day – if you have to go to bed when it’s light then sleep masks are the way forward.

And make sure there is at least one day when you get to bed before 2am (if not midnight) because you’ll notice a difference in sleep quality